People in ancient civilizations went to a healing god or goddess temple to find health. Greeks
and Romans went to hot springs all over the Mediterranean . Even on those days when it
was difficult to travel between countries, people didn't stop to seek solutions in other
countries for their health problems.

Also today, many Medical Tourists from all over the
world are going overseas and far countries in search of quality healthcare and medical
treatments for a variety of factors.

Due to Medical Tourism, they not only get to visit beautiful and exciting places , they also
get highly-specialized treatments that are not available in their home country.

Turkey,Thailand,India,Brazil and Mexico are the most visited countries by Medical
Tourists for their accredited hospitals, quality and affordable healthcare .
Turkey is one of the leading countries in Health Travels with his quality and reliable
service-internationally-trained doctors and experienced medical staff as well world
known beautiful historical places and friendly people.

In Turkey governments and private sectors are actively promoting Medical Tourism so
Health Travellers can fully benefit from Turkey's excellent healthcare systems and enjoy
their tourist attractions with greater ease joy.