Dental holidays to Turkey  is clearly an attractive option for people who are wanting to  combine their  visits to a dentist  with a wonderful vacation .Lower costs than in USA and Europe for  dental treatments in Turkey are surely also   one of the reasons for the popularity of the country. Sure,the growth of dental tourism in Turkey is not just down to price or beutiful holiday possibilities ; the industry also relies on its dentists maintaining high standards to ensure a good reputation  and being the leader country in Health Tourism. There are top dental clinics in Turkey  who  offer the highest technology standards and superior sterilization methods possible for patients. They have English speaking experienced staff handling foreign patients.

We as Targe Health Travel connect our  patients with best Dental Clinics and experienced Dentists around Turkey and help you to plan your dental holidays.  We offer you a wide range of Dental and Aesthetic services & solutions including but not limited to:

-> Dental Implants

-> Dental Bonding

-> Hollywood Smile

-> All-On-Four & All-On-Six

-> Bone Grafts - Sinus Lifts

-> Porcelain Veneers

-> Dental Crowns

-> Teeth Whitening

-> Dental Bridge

-> Dentures

-> Inlays & Onlays

Our consultants are available if you need any assistance choosing the right Clinic and the Dentist. We would be happy to provide further information.