Two of the most common bone and joint injuries are dislocations and fractures.

A dislocation is where a bone has been displaced from its normal position at a joint.

A fracture is when a bone has been broken.

People who participate in repetitive sports – like tennis, swimming or volleyball –

or have a career that involves repetition, such as painting or lifting tend to have a higher risk, especially if they

lack mobility or are less able to have a higher risk,older persons tend are unsupervised or play in an area that hasn’t been

childproofed. Treatment of the dislocation depends on the site and prevent falls . Children can also be at a greater risk

for dislocations if they severity of your injury.

It might involve as Reduction, Immobilization, Surgery and Rehabilitation. There are several different ways in

which a bone can fracture but  most bone fractures are caused by falls and accidents .

Women are far more likely to have a fracture than men, in fact one in two women over the age of 50 will

have a fracture in her lifetime. Osteoporosis is a severe condition, where the sufferer’s bone mass and

structure have changed.

This makes them more prone to fractures and bone breakage. The primary group at risk is post-menopausal

women. Moving a fractured or dislocated bone may cause further damage and so have to treated

as soon as possible by a trauma Orthopedic trauma care and fracture management

have advanced significantly over the years.

Usually the disease is diagnosed after patient examination and X-ray imaging. Computerized tomographic

examination may be performed in detection of treatment method in some fractures.

If you have been diagnosed with a fracture or a dislocation, our experts with long years

experience  overwill ensure your treatment with the newest  surgical restores normal use

of the fractured area .Procedures ,minimizes the pain, promotes healing, prevents

complications and Please feel free to contact one of our consultants  if you need any 

further information.