Hair transplantation is one of the most common Aesthetic procedures in recent years. Hair transplantation is the most natural and the best solution for men and women who suffer from hair loss. Rise in number of public and private clinics offering varied and economical solutions for hair loss problems are key driving factors for the growth of  hair transplant industry outlook. Turkey is  a top destination for people who are looking for a high quality hair transplant for a good price. The modern hair transplant clinics, the highly specialized Turkish doctors with extensive experience and  the affordable costs are some of the main reasons why many patients from all over the world choose Turkey for Hair transplantation. Doctors in Turkey master the latest hair transplant techniques such as 
-> FUE-Follicular Unit Extraction and 
-> DHI - Direct Hair Implantation

Many hair transplant clinics in Turkey also offer some alternative hair loss treatments and hair restoration techniques, such as Plasma therapy and hair mesotherapy. The Turkish Ministry of Health supports hair transplant clinics across the country and these clinics are controlled monitored to keep quality at the highest level. Hair transplant clinics have certificates from the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the International Society for Hair Transplantation (ISHRS) to ensure that procedures are performed in accordance with international standards. Istanbul is the most popular City for Hairtransplant  patients with his  geographic advantages, the quality of health services, affordable costs ,experienced surgeons,famous sightseeing  places ,delicious Turkish food and shopping opportunities.
We as Targe Health Travel cooperatating with Dr. Serdar Caglayan ,who is one of the best and experienced hair transplant surgeons in Turkey and his experienced team .From his practice in Istanbul -Levent ,Dr Serdar Caglayan evaluates each of his patients as an individual, and recommends the hair loss treatment approach best suited to their specific situation.He offers professional diagnosis  as well as treatment for hair loss to both women and men using the most advanced techniques.The Dr.Serdar caglayan Clinic is located on one of the most popular and elite streets of Istanbul ,away from the crowd and the noise of the City.You’re welcome to make an appointment for a great Experience in HairTransplant.